About Bob

Bob Stumpp is my name, and I weave baskets.  I do my best to make the baskets that I weave both functional and artistic.  Basket that can actually work in your home, or office, while look good while you do it.

When I weave a basket, I have a function in mind for it, and then add color and flare to give the basket its good looks.  Mind you the function I have in mind for it, does not mean that you can only use it for that function.  Many customers have told me that they plan to do with the basket, and many times that function was not what I was thinking when I made the basket.

Basket weaving is my sanity keeper.  It keeps me sane from the daily world.  While basket weaving can be repetitive with all the over, under, over, and under; there is order and balance in a well made basket.

Coming soon...   A picture of me!

Outside of basket weaving, I am computer geek.  Not as much of a computer geek as I was 20 years ago, more along the lines of a specialized computer geek.  Specifically I work in the Identity Management field, and have for the last 8 years, flying all over this great country of ours do my good works.

If you have any questions, about me or my baskets, my email is "bob @ bobstumpp.com".