My basket making studio is located in my home.  I enjoy having a room dedicated in my home for basket making, it allows for quick easy access, no driving to the studio.  If I have 5 minutes to work, or 5 hours I simply walk in to me basket making studio and start working (might have to get a cat to let me have my chair, but Izzy generally gives up the chair without much protest).  The additional convenience of being at home allows me to multi-task well. Laundry needs to be done?  No problem. Need to stop and fix dinner? No problem.

The studio contains everything I use for creating my basket, from my various sized and colored reeds, to the handles, bases, and various tools. A water supply is nearby, and lots of light.

Once I get some time, I will see about adding some pictures of the studio.  I might even clean it up before the pictures are taken, picture taking is as good of a reason to clean up as I can think of.